“Danielle has honestly been priceless to me throughout my pregnancy. It’s my first baby and I am going it alone, along with being unknowledgeable and way too laid back- I would have been heading for disaster! Danielle has been there for EVERYTHING from birth plans to bathing baby (my biggest fear!) I could honestly not have grown in this much confidence without her!!!

I can go to her with any questions I’m too embarrassed to ask other people and she always relaxes me and makes me feel comfortable. She’s made it thoroughly enjoyable and fun along the way and with one week to go, I am ready and not worried at all. Knowing she is still there and will be after the baby has arrived for breastfeeding etc, is so reassuring- I don’t know what I would’ve done without her!………Thank you Danielle for all your help!!!” Amelia M (2016)


“I had Danielle visit me at a time when I was starting to feel a little anxious and overwhelmed by the thought of labour and life thereafter, and to say Danielle put my mind at rest is an understatement. Her bubbly personality made me feel at ease talking about labour with her and made me feel a lot more prepared for what was to come. I honestly think I wouldn’t have been able to have had the good experience of labour without the help of Danielle and for anyone out there wondering if they should have a doula or not, I’d definitely say go for it…you won’t regret it.” A. Furlong (2017)


“Danielle is a vibrant and easy person to be around, she made the whole experience fun and took the fear out of the impending birth of our first child.
Danielle has given my husband and myself the confidence to make informed decisions about the type of birth we want and that we are doing the best for us and our baby.
We can’t recommend Danielle enough to any expectant parents who feel slightly overwhelmed by pregnancy and birth. She really has been invaluable to us.
Thank you Dan!!” Rebecca W (2018)


“Danielle supported the birth of my second child in August 2019. After considering my options and discussing them with Danielle, I was hoping to have as least intervention as possible and had planned to go to a midwife led unit. Due to high blood pressure at the early stage of labour I was admitted to hospital and my plan to try for a water birth went out of the window! Although another hospital birth had not been my plan, with Danielle’s support I was able to achieve the straightforward active birth I had wanted. Danielle was amazing, she physically helped me through every contraction, she motivated me throughout and especially at the transition stage when I thought it was never going to happen! Just knowing that I had an advocate there gave me the strength to speak up about my preferences and ask for a second opinion when required. She was a great support for my partner too, it took a lot of pressure off him and he found the whole experience much better. Danielle is a great birth educator and advocate, absolutely non-judgemental, and overall a really lovely person and I would recommend her support wholeheartedly for whatever type of birth you are planning !” Rosie S (2019)


“We first contacted Danielle in the hope of her being our Doula when I was 6 weeks pregnant, she supported us from day one and it still supporting us with our baby. She is friendly, caring and professional. She enabled us to make informed decisions about pregnancy and the type of birth we wanted without pushing her own views onto us. She attended antenatal appointments with me when my husband was working away and was always on the end of the phone for advice and still is. Her one to one antenatal classes were fantastic and tailored to us. I also attended her aquanatal yoga which was so much fun and gave me great tools for labour. Danielle gave myself and my husband the confidence in birthing and being new parents. She enabled us to have a wonderful home birth and an incredibly positive birth experience, something I never thought possible beforehand. I’d highly recommend Danielle and if we are blessed with another baby in the future, we won’t hesitate to book her as our Doula again!” Fran H (2019)