I’m so glad Danielle was there when I delivered my beautiful baby into the world. Although we have only known each other a few months I feel a special bond with Danielle and she is someone who will be a special part of my life forever! I will never be able to say thank you enough for her helping me achieve the most positive birthing experience.



Danielle supported my partner and I brilliantly and helped get the midwife up to speed when she arrived. We had a beautiful birth at home & we truly appreciated Danielle’s support in achieving this. She is also a wonderful photographer and took the most amazing photos & short videos that we will cherish forever.



Danielle and I were a real birth partnership; the combination of confidence and support that she gave me throughout my partner’s pregnancy, and especially during the birth itself, was incredible. The emotional and practical guidance that she gave me helped me to be there for my partner throughout the home birth and transfer to hospital, without Danielle I wouldn’t have felt as resilient.



Hiring Danielle as my doula was the BEST decision we made for my pregnancy and labour. I truly believe it was Danielle’s antenatal classes that helped keep my labour so calm and peaceful. I learnt so much from her that I felt empowered going into my labour with no doubts of the support and knowledge she had.



Danielle was calm and reassuring during my home birth. She was the voice I needed to hear and made everyone feel welcome and supported. It’s her skills as a doula but more than anything It’s because she just a gorgeous person to be with.



Danielle has been incredible for us. Wonderful, easy and open communication at every step of the way. Having this level of experience made all the difference in knowing we were a call away if we needed expert advise. This was particularly helpful during the contractions on the big day. Highly recommend the special service provided!




Danielle is the Mary Poppins of doulas; cool, calm, collected and incredibly kind…always there to offer a spoonful of sugar when things get emotionally, mentally or physically tough – she was born to do this work!


Beautifully Blooming