Why I Became a Doula

When I was a little girl my mum told me I had a very caring nature and seemed to be drawn to other children who needed my support or humour! As an adult I constantly searched for a career that resonated with me but never found it until three years ago. It was whilst I was scrolling the internet to find more information on nursing/midwifery that I came across the word ‘Doula’. A doula is someone who ‘mothers the mother’ during pregnancy and birth, and I simply fell in love with the idea of helping and supporting women on their journey into motherhood!

Who Doesn’t Love Cuddles?

Many people ask me if I’m in the birth world because I love cuddling babies so much (which I do!) but I am actually in it for the women who might be as clueless as I was when I first fell pregnant. Not knowing where to turn for trusted information, feeling excited but totally overwhelmed and out of my depth at the same time! Or you may be on your second, third or fourth pregnancy but really long to have a different birth experience.

My job is not only to educate parents on all things birth and baby, but to also provide practical and emotional support whether it be educating you, lending a listening ear, making you laugh, holding your hand when things are too much or celebrating with you over your firsts as a new mama. Nothing can totally prepare you for the huge change that a new baby will undoubtedly bring to your life, but the more knowledge you gain the more confident you feel to trust your own instincts.

Watching Clients Flourish

I have watched many of my clients flourish with the emotional support I offer them, we build up a trusted relationship so that even after I have left them happy and confident we will always have a bond and I will always feel proud that I supported them on their incredible journey!

It is a true privilege to be invited into people’s homes, family life and birth spaces………with all things said and done, being a doula is hard work at times but has taken me further than I ever thought I could go.

I honestly couldn’t ask for a more rewarding ‘career’ than this.

D x


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