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Blooming in Birth Full Package: £800

Tailored to those who want antenatal education, assistance and support during labour/birth, and postnatal support in the early days of parenthood.

Typically Includes:

  • One prenatal visit to get to know each other, then explore your options and wishes. We will then create a support plan together.
  • Two prenatal visits (minimum of two hours each) exploring birth physiology, stages of labour, birth positions, breathing & relaxation techniques, newborn care and feeding choices.
  • Early labour support via phone or at your home.
  • I will accompany you and give continuous support during active labour, baby’s birth and stay for up to 3 hours after the birth.
  • One postnatal visit (minimum of two hours) which can cover support with breast/bottle feeding, pumping, bathing baby or general help around the house.
  • On call for you during the period of 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your estimated due date.
  • 24/7 email support.
  • 9.00am – 6.00pm phone support.

As your Doula I do not give out medical advice nor do I undertake examinations or any other clinical tasks. I use my training, knowledge and experience to provide continuous support for you and your birth partner in planning and preparing for your baby’s arrival. I also assist you in building a rapport with midwives and medical attendants. I cannot make decisions for you, but can give you the correct information so you and your partner can make informed decisions that are right for you both- it’s all about working as a team! I am also happy to show you relaxation techniques, make suggestions for positioning and other comfort measures.

If you are considering asking me to be your Doula, the next step would be to arrange a free, no obligation initial meeting. At this meeting you can ask questions and get to know each other better. We can either meet in person at a coffee shop or via Zoom video call. Pregnancy and birth is a very intimate time, so meeting your doula in person before making a decision helps towards ensuring you are happy with your choice.

Blooming in Motherhood - Postnatal Support £20 per hour

Tailored to those who want emotional, practical and informational support for both themselves and their immediate family following the first few weeks after birth.

Price typically includes any of the following:

  • Give mum time to rest and recover
  • Assist with breast/bottle feeding/ pumping
  • Encourage mum to grow in confidence with her new baby
  • Provide emotional support for both parents
  • Spend some time with older siblings
  • Assist with baby care
  • Provide company when partner goes back to work
  • Make tea, coffee or light lunches


Parents often find it reassuring to know they have my support in their home or even on the end of the phone. My role within your household can be tailored to what you require at that time. It may be that I can take over care of the baby while mum takes a nap or has a bath, or free up time for dad while he goes shopping or takes some time out. I can entertain your older child while you establish feeding your newborn, or look after baby while you spend some quality time with your older child.

Having someone who is calm, relaxed and used to dealing with newborn babies can really help create a calm, relaxed atmosphere and family! I am there to support and encourage so that I leave you as a close family unit with a confident mother who trusts her own instincts.

Blooming in Water – Aquanatal course: £60

View details of the Aquanatal CLICK HERE

Antenatal Workshop £150 for two sessions

View details of the Antenatal Workshop CLICK HERE

Mums & Bumps Group: Free

Friendly meet up group for pregnant women and new mothers!

Dates: TBC

Expecting a baby can be a wonderful but overwhelming time for a mum-to-be!

This group is perfect if you want to meet other expectant mums, are on maternity leave or feeling a bit alone in this journey. Come have a laugh and find out local pregnancy information that can be invaluable in helping you make choices surrounding the birth of your baby. If you have not long given birth and want to reach out to other new mums for support, you are more than welcome.

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