Doulas and Midwives

I get asked a lot about how midwives and doulas ‘get on’ during a birth.

The preconception that we wouldn’t ‘get on’ is strange to me. We both have the same goal in mind….be there for the birthing mother and her baby. Midwives are fantastic and experienced at what they do, I have nothing but the upmost respect for anyone who has studied hard to accomplish a career in helping others.

As a doula my focus is solely on you as the birthing mum, I am there to support you and your partner from start to finish. The NHS is a wonderful service, but quite often staff are stretched. Having a doula around can take some pressure off midwives, not in a clinical way as we are not medically trained, but in an emotional and practical way. We are the hand holders, back rubbers, drink holders and motivators that already have a relationship with you which in turn brings your trust and security in the whole birthing process, …this can only be a positive thing!

I view it as a true privilege to be included in the birth of a child and thank the lovely midwives that I have worked alongside in my work so far.

So when you ask me how do I ‘get on’ with midwives? My answer is simply this…….

We both want what is best for our expectant mum. When we work as a team and respect each other in our different roles it is something truly special!


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