Birthing Poem

There you are.

I have longed for you for years
With endless tears along the way,
I look down at those two clear blue lines
And there you are.

I gently rest my hand on my belly
I still can’t believe you are growing within, But then I start to feel the flutters
And there you are.

The midwife listens for your heartbeat,
We hear the chugging sound of a train
And there you are.

My belly starts to swell,
We see limbs pushing against my skin
And there you are.

Family hold out their hands to feel a kick,
You respond with a whole body roll
And a knee stuck under my rib
And there you are.

I am at one with my body in labour,
The surges are powerful,
My body pushes you down
And. There. You. Are.

My beautiful baby!
I hold you skin to skin,
You take your first drops of milk,
We lock eyes and I smile
Because I know you are thinking….

There you are.

Beautifully Blooming