Birth and Humour

I have always enjoyed the effect that laughter has on the soul.

Pregnancy and birth can be a time that brings uncertainty and anxiousness for some. In my
birth work I like to bring an amount of humour when I feel it is needed.  Just a small raise of the eyebrows, humming to a cheesy song, or simply relaying a funny experience I have had with my sons is all that it takes! Don’t get me wrong….I still hold a birth space with great calmness and efficiency, but I never underestimate the power that a good belly laugh can have on a birthing mother. Laughter reduces stress in labour but also encourages our bodies to release endorphins which make us more relaxed and happy….a good all rounder I’d say!

Birth is all about knowledge and preparation. If you understand the birth process and the hormones needed for labour to progress naturally, you will be open to many things when it comes to birth.

Move around, light your candles, have a bath, listen to music, dance, hug, sing, and if all else fails …….LAUGH!



Beautifully Blooming