What is Aquanatal?

Aquanatal provides a gentle and very effective way of exercising for pregnant women. The warm and private environment of the pool enables the body to stretch naturally, which is both stimulating and soothing. There are numerous physical and emotional benefits to aquanatal.

A typical FIVE WEEK course with me will cover the following:

Simple Stretches Using the Water

Breathing Techniques For Birth

Relaxed Floating

Pelvic Floor Exercises


I currently run classes in Barry Leisure Centre and Splash Central, Cardiff. You can join a course from the 14th week of pregnancy and do not need to be a confident swimmer to attend! The teaching pool is a lovely warm temperature and perfect depth so you can fully enjoy the whole experience.

I attended Midwife led Aquanatal classes myself during my first pregnancy and loved the weightless free feeling the water gave me. Being in the water as a group was a truly lovely experience and one that made me want to become the instructor I am today! I trained with a company called Birthlight whose skills and teaching are approved by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).

What are the benefits?

Aquanatal has many benefits not just for yourself but for your baby too!

  • Prepares your body for birth
  • The water fully supports you
  • Movements open the hips
  • Activity with low impact
  • Pelvic floor awareness
  • Balances hormones
  • Meet other expectant mums/ socialise
  • Encourages bonding with your baby
  • Leave the class feeling relaxed and happy! (So will your baby!)

What makes Aquanatal different to Aqua Aerobics?

Each course is put together so that your whole body and mind is prepared and focused ready for birth and new motherhood. The sessions do get you active with plenty of moving around, but on top of that I teach you multiple breathing exercises, awareness of pelvic floor, and stretches that will encourage your hips to open ready for birth.

How do I reserve a place on the next course?

Click on the ‘Book Now’ button below which will take you to the full details of each venue. There you will be able to reserve and pay for your Aquanatal place.


Read what our Aquamums have to say!

“Absolutely loved Aquanatal! It was such a chance find but I was so glad I was able to go. Each week I looked forward to getting into the water and the weightlessness of floating at the end of the session. Danielle was a great energy to be around each week and very funny and light-hearted. Would recommend to any pregnant mum to be!” –  Holly G

“This week was the last in my Aqua class and I’m gutted!!! An amazing find, has really helped with relaxation and positioning for baby too! Danielle really knows her stuff and it has been an absolute dream to go every Wednesday for the last 5 weeks.” – Jessie L

“I have just finished my Aqua course at 34 weeks pregnant. I really enjoyed it and sad it’s over already! Really looked forward to the hour every week and felt good afterwards. Definitely recommend! Thanks Danielle!” –  Rhiannon M



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