I came into this incredible experience of being a Doula after the births of my own sons. Becoming a first time mum was exciting but extremely overwhelming at times. The internet, books and people in general can bombard you with so much “advice” that making decisions that are right for you and your baby can make you double guess yourself and can feel like hard work!

I had an amazing support network around me during my labours and look back on both of my births Doula Cardiffpositively. However, through conversations with other new mums, many of their stories were the opposite of mine and they expressed a need for a continuation of practical and emotional care right from pregnancy all the way through to early motherhood. This is when my research led me to the word “Doula” (Greek; meaning- Woman Servant/ Caregiver) Doula’s believe in ‘mothering the mother’, they are women who would not only be there to give that emotional and practical support to other women, but to empower them to trust in their bodies during labour and birth along with the informed decisions they have made. I instantly knew that this was the role for me and immersed myself in everything Doula and birth related!

Since then I have helped and encouraged several mothers with all sorts of antenatal and postnatal support, including childbirth education, breastfeeding, relaxation/massage, breathing techniques and use of a birth ball. Working alongside mothers and their babies comes second nature to me as I have been running successful baby signing sessions at Barry Library for over ten years. I enjoy watching and encouraging new mums and seeing the bonds they have with each other grow stronger as the weeks/months go by. I live in Rhoose with my husband and two boys. We love the outdoors and spend long hours walking our family dogs. In my spare time I love to read, shop and dance. It is in my nature to be warm, open and friendly but humour also plays a huge part in my life!

If you feel like I may be the Doula for you, please call me for a brief chat or arrange to meet up in person.

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